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Carlo Carlo

FI CH Britannicus Glodius Cladio "Carlo"

born 9.5.2013
breeder Pasqual del Vasto, Italy

C.I.B. IT CH Raglan Read & React x IT GE ME SM CH IT JCH Perhaps She Devil

We got this male to our kennel from Italy. Thank you for the tip to Wellu Kumpumäki and Pasqual del Vasto for this lovely scottie boy! This male was named after Carlo Ponti as he always had beautiful women around him.

Carlo is a scottie with good temperament and self-confidence, it's easy to live with him. He is very social and gets along very well also with Bichon Frises. In addition we are also very happy that Carlo has had awesome start with his show career. Carlo was BOB in his first show 24.5.2014 and BOS in second show 20.7.2014.

Scottie specialty 7.8.2014 was very immemorial as the judge, breed specialist and scottie breeder Cindy Petterson placed Carlo best junior male and BOS junior. There were 20 dogs in junior class as the World Winner-14 show brought all top dogs around the world to Finland. What a fabulous day!


7.8.2014 National specialty, judge Cindy Pettersson, Sweden: Junior, EXC1, CC-quality, BOS-junior
Excellent type, nice short. Wellbalanced head. Good ear, eye and bite. Good forechest and front. Lovely neck and shoulders. Deep, strong body. Knee angulation could be stronger. Good coat quality. Moves with good strike.

Hilkka Hilkka

FI CH Begbie Dame Daffodil "Hilkka"

born 7.4.2013
breeder Anne Huhtala

Begbie Ash Amber x FI CH Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia
Hilkka was born in Dahlia's first litter and Hilkka's sire is my own bred wheat coloured Kasper. Through Kasper I managed to continue the line of wheat colour Väinö and lovely temperament of Manta. Hilkka is a small balanced bitch and she delivered her first litter naturally like her dam Dahlia. Hilkka also transmits wheat colour as there were one black and three wheat coloured puppies in her first litter.

Allrounder Paavo Mattila said "Not bat at all!" about Hilkka in her first show. Hilkka finished her champion title with very limited showing. Hilkka gor her first CACIBs in 2017 in Pori and Seinäjoki so maybe we have a chance to get CIB title for her.

Dahlia Dahlia

FI CH Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia "Dahlia"

born 15.10.2010
breeder Peter van der Steen

INT NL GER LUX CH Ashgate Three Penny Moon x JBDSG-09 Perhaps Sex on the Edge

We got a new bitch to our kennel from Sweden. Thank you Wellu Kumpumäki for this tip and Peter for this lovely scottie girl! Dahlia loves everybody, she is full of energy and very breezy in new situations.

Dahlia gave birth to her first puppies 7.4.2013. She was mated naturally in our home garden and as a result she got a big litter of three boys and three girls. Though we needed some help from the vet as 4th puppy got stuck Dahlia gave birth first three puppies by herself. We are extremely happy that we finally have a scottie bitch who is able to give birth naturally.


6.8.2011 Honkajoki, group specialty, judge Jasna Matejcic, Croatia JUN EXC1, CQ, CC, BOB
Nice type and proportions. Line of the head should be more parallel. Correct bite. Enough neck. Nice deep chest. Good front & rear angulation. Nice level topline. Good tailset & carriage. Coat good quality for the age.

Nutro puppy show, Helsinki Fair Centre 17.4.2011, judge Pirjo Hjelm: Puppyclass 5-7 months HP BB1 BOB
Mittasuhteiltaan sopusuhtainen. Pitkä narttumainen pää. Hyvä purenta, silmät. Hyvä asentoiset korvat. Hyvä kaula ja ylälinja. Hyvin kehittynyt etuosa ikäisekseen, samoin runko. Lihaksikas takaosa. Seisoo mielellään vähän takaraajat rungon alla. Liikkeet ok. Hyvä turkki. Iloinen ja reipas esiintyminen.

FI CH Excentrik Popstar De Champernoune "René"

born 22.5.2009

Addicted To De Champernoune x Top-Secret De Champernoune

co-owned with Leena-Riitta Jokinen

Thank you Katharina Round for letting us have this charming wheaten boy from France to here Finland 15.12.2009. René has got a lovely open temperament which is the best part of him. He is also confident and good mover in shows. He has got a good coat quality. The coat is rough throughout so it's easy to take care.

© Katharina Round

13.5.2010 Black & White Show, judge Juha Palosaari, BOS-junior

In Memoriam

Elisa "Viivi"

17.2.2005 - 26.4.2019
breeder Kari Suokas

Tähtirata Bodyguard X Morningglow

eyes ok, knees 1/1

co-owned with Pia and Petri Kalenius


Tampere puppy show 17.9.2005, judge Thord Byström, Sweden: HP, best bitch, BOB
"Lovande fem tik, långt välsk. huvud, mörka vackra ögon, väl burna öron, stsam, ädel hals, proportionlig kropp, bra vinklar, passande bonstomme, bra päls för äldern och färg, trevligt temperament, välvisad."

Porvoo 9.9.2006, judge Siv Jernhake, Sweden: Intermediate G
"Tik med bra kropp, långt huvud, mörka ögon. Snala käkar och ej korrekt bett. Borde ha bättre pigment. Bra hals, stark rygg. Lite knappt vinklad bak. Borde bära svansen högre. Utm. päls."

Begbie Back to Black "Kiki"

28.1.2008 - 4.12.2017

FIN CH Labels Lovely Harold X Elisa

eyes ok, knees 0/0

co-owned with Anu and Arto Siltala

Kiki is very open minded, social and maybe even little too kind scottie as she doesn't mind when other terriers struggle on her coat. Kiki is a good example that scottie is a good family dog. Scotties love all kind of action so I'm happy that Kiki has a family that loves animals. They have kids and two other terriers, budgies and few bunnies (bunnies and birds are of course placed that dogs can't reach them).


Mänttä 31.5.2009, judge Päivi Eerola
Vielä hyvin pentumainen juniorinarttu. Hyvä rungon pituus, narttumainen pää. Kookkaat silmät. Rintakehä tarvitsee vielä aikaa. Kevyet liikkeet. Reipas esiintyminen. Hyvä karvan laatu. VG, JUN/3

Keuruu 6.2.2010, judge Harto Stockmari
Voimakas narttu, joka aavistuksen pitkä. Pitkä, vahva pää. Oikea purenta. Hyvä kaula. Hyvä runko, jossa hieman pitkä lanneosa. Normaalisti kulmautunut etuosa. Riittävästi kulmautunut takaosa. Hyvä karva. Voisi liikkua hieman tehokkaammalla askeleella. Miellyttävä käytös. VG, OPEN/2

FIN EE CH Melkiy Bes Rahat Lukum "Väinö"

10.9.2001 - 25.5.2015
breeder Alla Vorotnikova, Moscow, kennel Melkiy Bes

RUS CH Image Ring Master X Kazanova I Kompanija Barbara Bucane
pedigree - progeny

Väinö is somewhat exceptional Scottie because he loves showing and he has never been lazy in show rings. Väinö got his 1st cc in his second show from judge Harri Lehkonen and 2nd cc in the next show he was shown from judge Colin A. Smith. Väinö got both these CCs while being under one year old.

Most memorable surprise happened in Scottie specialty 3.8.2003, when English judge John Gaskell, the famous breeder of Mayson scotties, chose Väinö as BIS Intermediate in other words best intermediate class Scottie in show. Väinö finished his Finnish championship title in Parainen 1.11.2003 where judge Johan Juslin gave praise about Väinö's typical Scottish sihouett. Väinö got his first Cacib in Rovaniemi INT show 19.6.2004, where respected all rounder judge Harry Tast praised about Väinö's movement.


Rovaniemi INT 19.6.2004, judge Harry Tast: best male, BOB, Cacib

National Specialty 3.8.2003, judge John Gaskell, UK
"Long head. Good eye and expression. Very good layback of shoulder. Good bone, but would prefer straighter front. Good body properties. Good angulation. Presented in supercoat and condition. Moves freely and shows to his advantage."

Tähtirata Black Rose "Manta"

20.5.2000 - 27.2.2012
breeder Ira-Annele Meijer, kennel Tähtirata

FIN CH Smiling Star's Lovejoy X Tähtirata Moonlight Shadow

Manta was the absolute leader of our herd but at the same time an excellent diplomat. She is a very intelligent dog and one must go to another room to talk about secrets as Manta seems to understand almost everything and senses the rest. Manta never considered showing reasonable in any ways. One can go around the ring once but doing that again was too much. So I worked hard half a year to get a show result for her in Tampere international show 2004. Manta was 2nd best bitch with Res-CC and Res-Cacib. I got Manta to understand that showing is a fun game and after all formalities it's time to have some fun. As you might know Scottie doesn't do anything he doesn't want to. At least not Manta.

Manta grew up with Bichon Frises who were somewhat racistic to this black puppy at first. But Manta melt Bichons' hearts and still remained as a true Scottie. Manta was also our foster mom. She liked puppies very much and was always ready to stad up for younger ones. Manta was a personality whom we probably are never gonna have again and we still miss Manta very much.


Tampere INT 20.3.2004, judge Cartledge Liz, UK: Open EXC, 2nd best bitch, Res-CC, Res-Cacib
"3 years black, responding well to her handler. Stands four square, attractive head, good bone, exc. topcoat but her furnishing needs attention, well rounded rips, active mover, well handled."