- 21.9.2014 Hyvinkää group specialty, judge Calin Simu, Romania -


We left togerher with Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) to chase her last CC in Hyvinkää group show. The show ground was covered with soft sand but Dahlia didn't mind about it. Dahlia had also lost a kilo of weight since her last show so her topline was significantly better. Longer walks and the diet food I had bought from vet were worth it as Dahlia was best bitch and got her 3rd CC, finished her championship title and was BOS. Such a great end for summer shows!

Dahlia's critique:
Very well balanced female. Lovely feminine head. Very nice topline. Well set tail. Very good quality and nice rich coat. Elegant movement. Open EXC1, CC-quality, best bitch, CC, FI CH, BOS

- 7.8.2014 Scottish Terrier national specialty, judges Cindy Pettersson, Sweden (puppies and juniors) and Clair Chapman, UK (others) -

Carlo Carlo

I had entered our Italian import Carlo (Britannicus Clodius Gladio) to Scottish Terrier national specialty in junior class. This Scottie specialty was exceptional because the World Winner Show in Helsinki 8.-10.8.2014 brought all the top dogs of the breed around the world to Finland. There was 129 scotties entered from 11 different countries. 20 dogs was entered in junior class where also Carlo competed. This was an all time record!

I thought that even if we wouldn't gain any success this would be a unique experience. It was also nice to meet breeders from other countries like my scottie bitch  Dahlia's (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) breeder Peter van der Steen. It was also such a joy to meet  Olga Kozlova from Moscow whom I met 17.8.2008 at the international show in Tallinn and we both have scottie males from the same kennel (Melkiy Bes). Olga's male won veterans at the specialty as well as got the WVW-14 title. Congratulations Olga and breeder Alla Vorotnikova!

But the most wonderful thing was that the breed specialist Cindy Pettersson placed Carlo best of the junior class! Carlo is really low male and presented himself full of temperament. There were many succesfull scotties who have already gained lots of  fame at international shows shown in this class so this placement was the culmination of the day and very memorable experience from this specialty. Once again thank you to Carlo's breeder Pasqual del Vasto for this wonderful male!

Carlo's critique: Excellent type, nice short. Wellbalanced head. Good ear, eye and bite. Good forechest and front. Lovely neck and shoulders. Deep, strong body. Knee angulation could be stronger. Good coat quality. Moves with good strike. Junior Excellent1, CC-quality, BOS-JUNIOR

- 3.8.2014 Kuopio Int., judge Tuula Plathan, Finland -

Kaapo Kaapo

Lilian's son Kaapo (Begbie Groomer's Delight) was shown first time in a warm Sawo Show in Kuopio. I trimmed Kaapo the day before at our cottage and on Sunday morning we were the first ones in the show ring. Kaapo showed himself very well in his first show and got a very nice critique from a strict judge. Kaapo pulled on leash but that can be fixed trough some training. Thank you Niina for entering Kaapo to this show!

Kaapo's critique: Very good size and well-proportioned, good pigmentation, excellent bite, good bone, body good enough for his age, good tailset, should move better, looses the balance when pulling on leash, good temperament. Junior VG2

- 20.7.2014 Mäntsälä, judge Lars Adeheimer, Sweden -

Carlo Dahlia

In honor of the beginning of our summer holiday we left together with our two scotties Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) and Carlo (Britannicus Clodius Gladio) to Mäntsälä all breed show. Mäntsälä show ground is very pleasurable so it's always nice to go there on summer. Dahlia needs one more CC to finish her Finnish champion title so that was our goal today. As Carlo is just 14 months old he was there to get some more show experience. Carlo got his second CC and was finally BOS. Dahlia got Res-CC so the last CC will certainly also be achieved soon.

Carlo's critique: Utmärkt huvud med bra nosparti. Bra ögon, oron o bett. Bra hals o skuldra. Kunde ha något stramare fronten. Något lång i ländpartiet. Välvinklad bakställd. Bra bröst - korgsdjup. Rör sig ok. Junior EXC1, CC-quality, CC, best male, BOS

Dahlia's critique: Bra huvud med bra öron, ögon o bett. Bra hals. Bra bröstkorgsdjup. Ngt svag i rygglinjen. Kunde vara stramare fronten. Välvinklad bakställd. Förläg svansansättningen. Rör sig ok. Open EXC2, CC-quality, 2nd best bitch

- 29.5.2014 Black & White Show, judge Viola Rogulus, Germany -


It was Scottish Terrier Club's turn to be the organizer for the Black & White Show to Westies and Scotties. The show was held in Kouvola this year and our Carlo (Britannicus Clodius Gladio) was shown there. The weather was cooler and somewhat rainy for a change. Appr. 50 scotties and 20 westies were entered to this show. There were 5 junior males shown and Carlo was placed 3rd best junior male..

Carlo's critique: Sehr schöne junge Rüde. Sehr schöne Kopf & Ausdruck. Gute feste Rücken. Vorn und hintern gutgewinkelt. In Ausstellungs Kondizion. Presentiert sich sehr schön. Junior EXC3, Honour Price

- 24.5.2014 Järvenpää, judge Juta Haranen, Estonia -


I had entered only our new junior male Carlo (Britannicus Clodius Gladio)  to Järvenpää all breed show. Carlo arrived to Finland from Italy in April. During the weekend we had 30-degree celsius heat but Carlo seemed to be like at home as he was very brisk in the show ring. Carlo's show debut was gorgeous as he got CC and was BOB in his first show in Finland.

Carlo's critique: Strong, beautiful junior male. Good shaped long head, good eyes, very good ears, strong muzzle, good teeth and good wide body for his age. Very good  coarse coat. Good bone and angulation. Very good movement, typical for the breed. Good temperament. Junior EXC1, CC-quality, best male, CC, BOB

- 17.5.2014 Riihimäki group specialty, judge George Schogol, Georgia -


I had entered 13 months old scottish terrier Hilkka (Begbie Dame Daffodil) and bichon frise Lilian to Riihimäki group show but because Lilian finished her championship title in Tampere, I took only Hilkka to this show. Hilkka was a little nervous at first as this was her first show without her mom (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia). Scotties were judged last so Hilkka had good time to get use to other dogs and sounds in the show. Her previous show was in Tuusniemi and this show was organised outdoors so this was again a new exprerience for her. Hilkka gave us a happy surprise as she got CC from junior class in her second show!

Hilkka's critique: 13 months. Lovely bitch. Young. Proportioned. Very feminine. Good lenghts of the head. Stabile in profile in movement. Could be wider in front. Good body substance & good coat. Junior EXC1, CC-quality, 2nd best bitch, CC

- 4.5.2014 Tampere INT, judge Siret Lepasaar, Estonia -

Lilian Lilian

First Sunday in May was a happy day because bichon frise Lilian (Groomlines Most Delicious Godiva) finished her Finnish Champion title! Lilian got Res-CC in her previous show so we were confident that now it's Lilian's time to compete for CC. There were 28 bichon frises shown in Tampere. Lilian showed herself well and cooperated with me. Lilian was finally 3rd best bitch and because 1st and 2nd placed bitches were champions, we got that much wanted CC.

Lilian's critique: Lovely shape, correct size. Correct bones. Correct proportions on head. Large, dark eyes. Would like to see cleaner under the eyes. Correct length of neck. Nice forechest. Well spring ribs. Strong in loins. Balanced anglulation in front and rear. Moves with long steps. Enough power and elegance. Champion EXC3 CC-quality, 3rd best bitch, CC, FI CH

- 4.5.2014 Tampere INT, judge Cindy Petterson, Sweden -


Meanwhile I was showing bichon frise Lilian, scottish terrier Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) was competing in another ring. Thank you so much Kristiina Krall for handling Dahlia! Scotties were judged by a highly respected scottie expert Cindy Petterson and that's why we were very pleased about Dahlia's critique and Res-CC. Dahlia's performance was self-confident and cheery. Dahlia needs one more CC to gain her Finnish champion title.

Dahlia's critique: Utm. typ storlek och prop. Långt, vällbalanserad huvud. Små, litet brett ansatta öron. Mörka ögon. Bra bett. Utm. förbröst o front. Bra hals o skuldra. Härligt bröstkorgs djup, längd o volym. Härligt brett bakparti med fina vinklar. Rör sig med mkt bra steg. Open EXC1, CC-quality, 4th best bitch, Res-CC

- 16.2.2014 Koillis-Sawo Show Tuusniemi, judge Paavo Mattila, Finland -

Hilkka Dahlia

On Sunday it was scotties' turn and our judge was allrounder judge Paavo Mattila. 10 months old Hilkka (Begbie Dame Daffodil), Dahlia's daughter, was shown first time in junior class. The show scene in Tuusniemi is a true mental test for a young dog so you never know how he is going to behave in this kind of environment. But Hilkka did realise the idea of showing when we practiced a little before our turn.

Hilkka's coat was a bit too long so therefore some minus points but otherwise I am very happy about her temperament in her first show!

Hilkka's critique: Hyvin rakentunut nuori narttu, hyvänmallinen pää, kaunis kaula, erittäin hyvä runko, ylälinja- ja raajat, hyvä hännänkiinnitys, pitkähkö karva, liikkuu kohtuullisen hyvin, miellyttävä luonne. Junior EXC2

There were three beautiful bitches shown in open class and Dahlia's (of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) performance was, as usual, alert and self-confident. All three bitches were awarded with CC-quality.

Dahlia's critique: Kaunis narttu, hyvä pää ja ilme, erittäin hyvä runko ja luusto, hyvä hännänkiinnitys, hyvälaatuinen karvapeite, liikkuu hyvin, miellyttävä käytös. Open EXC3, CC-quality, 3rd best bitch

- 15.2.2014 Koillis-Sawo Show Tuusniemi, judge Marie Petersen, Denmark -


We left on a weekend holiday to Eastern Finland Tuusniemi with one Bichon frise and three scotties. 12-year-old Väinö spent his time as a companion but the others were also competing in show rings.

On Saturday Bichon frise Lilian (EE MVA Groomlines Most Delicious Godiva) was shown in champion class. There were 18 bichons entered to this show. The judge was quite strict as there were 8 bitches shown and only two were awarded with CC-quality. Lilian was 2nd best bitch with res-CC.

Lilian's critique: Sound & well constructed bitch. Accept. size & body proportions. Well-set ears, strong pigment. Good neck, topline & tailset. Very strong & well developed in body. Good coat quality, acceptable coat condition. Moves and shows well. Champion EXC1, CC-quality, 2nd best bitch, Res-CC

- 7.9.2013 National Show Tallinn, judge Vesa Lehtonen -

Bosse Bosse

Bosse (Begbie Daffodil Dream) turned 5 months on Saturday 7.9.2013, so Bosse was allowed to compete in baby class in Tallinn show. Bosse's family in Tallinn had entered Bosse to this show so I left there just as a handler. I also showed my friend's Bichon frise male who got Estonian junior champion title.

Thank you to Bosse's family for taking such a good care of his coat and training him for the show. It was nice to see Bosse again and notice that he has developed well and his tail was up in his first show. He got such a good critique from a Finnish judge who is also a terrier breeder. Bosse got price of honour and was BOB puppy.

Bosse's critique: Good head and expression, bite could be better, nice neck and topline, good body, body deepness for his age, good bone, moves well, good coat, nice tail. A lot of dog behind the tail!. HP, BOB-puppy

- 1.5.2013 Tampere Match show, Hakametsä -


I took nearly 12 years old Väinö (Melkiy Bes Rahat Lukum) with me to a match show organized by Scottish Terrier Club in Tampere. As all the attention has been on puppies at home I decided to take Väinö with me just to keep his state of mind high and he had quite a good trim too. Väinö showed himself just like old times, his movement and carriage was like in his youth and so Väinö won the veterans. In the final competition he seemed to enjoy all the attention he got and finally he won the whole show! There were 96 entries in all.

Once again Väinö proved that dog really can enjoy his time and attention in shows! My friend said that Väinö turned totally different dog what he is at home (momma's boy at home, machoman in show rings).

- 2.3.2013 Tallinn Saku Suurhall, judge Birte Scheel, Denmark -
- 3.3.2013 Tallinn Saku Suurhall, judge Anna Redlichka, Poland -


A week after Tuusniemi show we were on our way to Tallinn with Felix. There were two shows on Saturday and Sunday. Our wish came true when Felix got his 3rd CC and finished his Estonian champion title. On Saturday Felix was also best of breed and on Sunday best of opposite sex.

And because Felix had CC from Finland he finished his Finnish champion title too.

Felix is my own bred bichon in 3rd generation and I am very pleased as he is my first Bichon frise who gained champion title from two countries. Thank you also to Felix's owner Saara for taking patiently such a good care of his thick coat and letting him travel with me to shows!

Felix's critiques:

(Saturday 2.2.2013) 2 years,nice, well developed male, beautiful masculine head & expression, correct long neck, good front, straight topline, well set tail, strong body, well angulated behind, moves freely with good drive, very nice coat & condition. Open EXC1, CQ, CC, BOB, EE CH

(Sunday 3.2.2013) Good type, masculine head, good expression & pigmentation, nice neck, cor. body, cor. angulations & movements. EXC1, CQ, BOS

- 24.2.2013 Sawo Show Tuusniemi, judge Antonio Di Lorenzo, Italy -

Dahlia ROP

On Sunday it was Dahlia's (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) turn. There were 5 scotties shown, all very high quality bitches competing for the CC. There were four bitches in open class. The judge placed Dahlia 1st with CQ and she was also best bitch. Our wonderful day ended in the final ring among six best terriers but we did not make it to the final four this time. Dahlia got her 2nd CC in Finland and was also BOB.

Dahlia's qritique: Excellent type of feminine, strong jaws & long head. Should be more compact in body. Well angulated in front & rear, Very good quality of coat. Typical tail. Excellent neck. Typical movement. Open EXC1 CQ CC BOB

- 23.2.2013 Sawo Show Tuusniemi, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki -

Felix Lilian Lilian

We left on a weekend holiday to Tuusniemi in Northern Savo with two bichon frises and one scottie. When we left it was slush weather in Tampere but there was -15C cold in Tuusniemi. We heard from the show organizers that last year it had been -39C so we did not mind this cold weather at all.

On Saturday there were 19 bichon frises shown in Tuusniemi group specialty. Felix (Begbie Felix Fortunate) was placed 2nd in open class. Lilian was shown in champion class and she was also 2nd in her class. The judge told that Lilian was a certificate quality bitch but unfortunately in his opinion Lilian did not have enough power in her rear movement so she got only very good.

Felix's critique: Strong well built male with good proportions. A little long muzzle and eyes too close together. Beautiful strong topline. Good tailset. Front legs could be straighter. Strong bone. Good rear. Coat of very good texture and construction. Sound and self-confident. Unstable front movement. Open EXC2

Lilian's critique: Bitch with very good propotions. Stained eyes ruins the expression. Very good topline. Good straight front legs. Sturdy body. Good coat quality but not at it's best today. Unfortunately moves without enough drive and legs under the body. Champion VG2

- 19.8.2012 Baltic Winner 2012, Tallinn International Show, judge Svend Lovenkjaer, Denmark -

After having such a nice results I decided to enter Felix (Begbie Felix Fortunate) to Baltic Winner show in Tallinn even though I had to go there without company this time. Our journey went well though I was a little nervous about driving alone in Tallinn. But our trip was a success as Felix got his first Cacib, second Estonian CC and a Baltic Winner title. Felix is such a good mover that even pouring rain and wet show ground did not bother him at all.

Felix's critique: Nice type, very masculine, good expression, good skull, enough topline, good bite, strong forechest, enoug lenght of neck, good fore legs, good arms, enough body and ribcage, could be a bit lower on hock, enough angulated on rear, good clip, moves freely and typical. Open1, best male1, CC, CACIB, BOB, BALT W-12

- 21.7.2012 Mäntsälä, judge Leif Ragnar Hjorth, Norway -

Our French import Ella (Fast Lane to Vegas de Champernoune) was shown first time and she did it like an expert. There was one male and 3 bitches shown, each one of them in their own class so it was a little easier for a first timer. Ella's temperament is pure gold, she would have liked every dog to be her friend. She's also open and friendly to people, a really lovable scottie!

Ella's critique: Excellent type and size. Nice feminine long head. Correct mouth. Nice ears and eys. Correct neck. Excellent angulated. Excellent chest ant forechest. Correct set of tail. Very good coat. Moves well, but could be stronger in front. Typical temperament. Open EXC1

- 1.7.2012 National Dog Show in Tallinn, Viimsi -

Felix ROP Lilian Dahlia

Sunday in Tallinn dog show was the most succesful day we've had so far! 14 Bichon frises from Finland and 7 Scottish terriers from Estonia, Lithuania and Finland were entered to this show. Bichon frises were judged by Lessi Tchistiakova from Russia and Scottish terriers Branislav Rajic from Slovakia.

On sunday morning Felix (Begbie Felix Fortunate) won intermediate class, was placed best male and got his first Estonian CC and was finally BOB (best of breed).

After males it was Lilian's (Groomlines Most Delicious Godiva) turn, she was shown in open class. Lilian was placed best open class bitch. The judge said she really liked this bitch, she had all the right details though she would have hoped her to carry her tail better. Lilian was placed 2nd best bitch but as the 1st placed bitch was a junior and she got junior CC, Lilian got CC and finished her Estonian champion title.

At the end of the day it was scotties' turn to show and Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) was full of temperament and she won high-class intermediate bitches. Dahlia was 2nd best bitch (first bitch was a champion) and got her first Estonian CC.

Thank you Unto for being so patient with all our belongings. Thank you also Eeva and Heidi, Hilla & Dino -Bichons for your company! It's always so nice to go in a show to Tallinn as it is such a nice spirit there. Everything works nicely and people are friendly. Our hotel Athene was located near to the show place. There was a nice green ground so it was nice to take dogs out there and the hotel staff had very positive attitude with the dogs.

- 12.5.2012 Tampere int, judge Janet Lobb, Canada -

I almost cancelled Felix's (Begbie Felix Fortunate) entry to Tampere international show because there was a change of judge. But luckily we decided to go to the show and we had a nice day. Our judge was strict so we were really pleased when having EXC (excellent). The judge placed Felix 1st in junior class with CC quality. In best male competition Felix was placed 3rd with Res-CC. We were very happy about this as this was just Felix's 4th show. We are looking forward to next competitions!

Critique: 14 months old male, showing typical outline, well balanced head, sufficient pigmentation, good length of neck, nice fill in front, standing on good straight legs, nice arched ribcage, good tuck-up, nice balance front & rear, would bit more bent of stifle, fair coat condition, pushing away nicely, a bit widely when coming, sufficient mover going around.

- 28.4.2012 Lahti int, judge Beth Warman, New Zealand -

I had entered Felix (Begbie Felix Fortunate) and Lilian (Groomlines Most Delicious Godiva to Lahti int show but decided to leave Lilian to home because of her season. 41 Bichon frises were entered to Lahti and 7 males were present in junior class. Our judge was quite strict and we also got a blue ribbon. Maybe the judge expected more show experience as this was an international show.

We got quite encouraging critique though: Well balanced of good size. Correct head & expression. Good pigmentation & correct coat. Good lenght of neck and correct tailset. Moved a little wide in front. Over all a promising example of the breed. VG (very good)

- 22.4.2012 Kankaanpää group specialty, judge Markku Kipinä -

We left together with Felix (Begbie Felix Fortunate) to his first show in Kankaanpää. There were 14 Bichon Frises shown. Felix turned 14 months on the same day. Felix is a good mover but standing still was a bit difficult for a young curious junior male and he wouldn't let hold him. Luckily he did stand well freely.

The day was a dream come true. Felix won junior class and was also best male. Finally judge Markku Kipinä's choice for best of breed was Felix. In the group ring Felix was placed 4th. The day was really lovely as Felix is my first own bred Bichon Frise awarded with CC and he was also BOB and BIG4.

Thank you to Felix's owner for training him and taking such a good care of his coat!

Felix's critique: Erinomainen koko & mittasuhteet. Lapa saisi olla viistompi. Hyvin kulmautunut takaosa. Hyvä häntä. Ikäisekseen hyvä runko ja eturinta. Ulkokierteisyyttä eturaajoissa. Hyvä kallo. Tummat silmät. Hyvä pigmentti. Vahva, hyvä purenta. Kauniissa turkissa. Liikkuu ja esiintyy hyvin. EXC1, CC-quality, best male, CC, BOB, BIG4

- 14. - 15.1.2012 Tarto National Dog Show -

We left together with Bichon frise Lilian (Groomlines Most Delicious Godiva) and Scottie Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) to Tarto two days show. Lilian had already two Estonian junior CCs but this was Dahlia's first trip to foreign country.

Scottish terriers were highly represented because there were some of the best dogs from Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia present. It was wonderful to watch the performance of these high-class scotties. There were 13 scotties shown on Saturday and 12 on Sunday.

On Saturday judge Liliane De Ridder-Onghena gave Dahlia VG (very good) and she was placed 3rd in junior class. On Sunday our judge was Antonio Di Lorenzo and Dahlia got EXC (excellent) and was placed 4th in best bitch class. It was a very happy surprise for us in this high-class competition!

On Saturday judge Antonia Di Lorenzo thought Lilian was too big and too long in legs so she got VG (very good).
Lilian's critique: Good type, too short in the body, too long legs, good angulation front and back, good quality of coat, needs much better shape of skull and set of ears, short steps.

Luckily judge Kitty Sjong saved our day on Sunday and Lilian got EXC (excellent) and CC from open class.
Lilian's critique: Femin head, correct bite, well placed dark eyes, correct earset, strong topline, good tailset, well angulated, very strong in rear, moves well, correct coat.

Thank you Eeva and Yebu and Hilla-Bichons for your company!!

- 19.11.2011 Jyväskylä Int, judge Stefan Sinko, Slovakia -

There were 10 scotties entered to Jyväskylä int show, 4 males and 6 bitches. Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) was shown in junior class with two other bitches, she was placed 3rd. She behaved much better today and she was full of power. We were happy that she maintained her temperament and happy performance even though the show place was quite cramped and there were lots of dogs around. On the way home we visited at Kasper the scottie so it was a nice trip in all!

Dahlia's critique: 1 year old. Nice type and head. Good expression. Correct bite. Nice body proportions. Very good coat. Correct tailset and carriage. Topline still needs time. Moves good, but needs training. EXC3

- 5.11.2011 Black & White Show, Veikkola, judge Tina Deipenbrock, Germany -

We left together with Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) to Helsinki Veikkola Black & White Show which was arranged by Finnish Westie club. There were 26 scotties entered. The show was held in spacious agility hall which had artificial turf base and dogs obviously enjoyed their time there. Dahlia showed herself much better today and after her judgment it was time to play with her new toy chosen by herself from the sale stand. The toys were suitably arranged on dogs' level so owners only needed to take care of the payments. The most important thing was to have fun today!

Dahlia's critique: 1 Jahr alte Hündin von sehr guten Typ, femininer Kopf, korrekt angesetzte und getragene Ohren, in der Bewegung leicht ansteigende Rückenlinie, korrekt angesetzte und getragene Rute, vorzügliches Haar, schräg gelagerte Schulter, Hinterhand sollte stärker gewinkelt sein. EXC2

- 29.9.2011 Seinäjoki Int, judge Tiina Taulos, Finland -

Seinäjoki show was the first show indoors after summer and Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) wasn't so happy about that today. She didn't carry her ears correctly and move with enough drive. But this was a good practice and her critique from junior class was good however. Dahlia got a chance to play rest of the day with Bichon frise boys Osku and Eino from Seinäjoki so thank you to their families for a nice day!

Dahlia's critique: Ihana luonne. Hieman kookkaat, vähän harallaan olevat korvat. PItkä pää. Hyvä eturinta ja tilava, syvä runko. Voisi olla aavistuksen lyhyempi selästä. Hyvä häntä ja takaosa. Erinomainen karvan laatu. Kauniissa kunnossa. Liikkuu hyvin. EXC3

- 17.9.2011 Tampere group specialty, Lars Adeheimer, Sweden -

Bichon frise Samu (Begbie Easy Money) was shown 2nd time, there were 33 bichons shown. It had been raining for the past week so the show ground was wet and grass was long so Samu wasn't too happy about moving at first. But Samu obviously liked the judge and showed his teeth nicely. Samu is more interested on girls than food so he is quite thin and he needs to gain more weight. We'll see if he has gained some more weight by next summer.

Samu's qritique: Kraftigt huvud med bm öron o bett. Kund ha större ögon o mer hals. Skulle önska mer kropp s stramare front, vrider nt fram tassarna, rör sig bra bak. VG (very good)

- 3.9.2011 Vantaa, judge Calin Simu, Romania -

Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) and Rene (Excentrik Popstar de Champernoune) were shown in Vantaa Let's Go show. There were 11 scotties entered. It's such a joy to show Rene because he has developed into confident and reliable performer who also enjoys his time in the show ring. Rene was placed 3rd in males and because 1st and 2nd best males were already champions, Rene got his 3rd CC and finished his Finnish champion title! Little Dahlia won junior class and as a youngest contestant (10 months) she was also placed 4th best among bitches. Also Dahlia got a very nice qritique.

Rene's critique: Very well balanced male. Nice head, very good topline, well set tail. Very good wire coat. Elegant movement. EXC, CC-quality, 3rd best male, CC, FI CH

Dahlia's critique: Very nice young bitch, very good proportions. Nice head, beautiful topline, well set tail. Very good coat, very good movement. EXC, CC-quality, 4th best bitch

- 28.8.2011 Tervakoski Int, judge Karel Horak, Czech -

© Heimo Hakulinen

We travelled together with Rene (Excentrik Popstar de Champernoune) to Tervakoski int show. Dahlia had to stay home because she had otitis. The weather was sunny and warm. Our judge had very colorful judging style and Rene was finally placed 2nd best male with Res-CC and Res-Cacib.

Rene's critique: 2 years, scissor bite but not completely parallel lines. Good head, a little light eyes, perfect ears, not a black nose, deep chest, good forechest, perfect coat.

- 14.8.2011 Valkeakoski, judge Cristina Epuras, Romania -

There were 12 scotties entered to Valkeakoski show. We had entered Dahlia and our wheat coloured Rene (Excentrik Popstar de Champernoune). Dahlia got excellent and was 2nd in junior class. It was Rene's day today. He really enjoyed his day with excellent result. Rene got CC and was best male and BOS.

Rene's critique: Excellent dog in exc. condition for show. Very good head. Elegant head and body. Lovely color and good texture. Well groomed. Excellent in type.

- 6.8.2011 Honkajoki, group specialty, judge Jasna Matejcic, Croatia -

Dahlia's first official show was at Honkajoki, there were two scotties entered. This other scottie was already Finnish and Swedish champion but it was absent. Before our turn I noticed that our judge had quite a strict line on judging. That's why we were more than happy when Dahlia (9 months) got CC from her first show and was BOB (best of breed). The group ring was judged by Tino Pehar, who chose Dahlia all the way to 6 best dogs in group, but no placement this time. This was a good start!

Dahlia's critique: Nice type and proportions. Line of the head should be more parallel. Correct bite. Enough neck. Nice deep chest. Good front & rear angulation. Nice level topline. Good tailset & carriage. Coat good quality for the age.

- 31.7.2011 Scottish terriers Open Show Kouvola, judge Lotte Froekjaer, kennel Ayrzol, Denmark -

Scottish terriers' national specialty was replaced with Open Show this year. There were shown very nice amount of scotties, 82. Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) was shown in junior class, there were five bitches shown. Dahlia was placed 2nd with CC-quality and excellent critique.

Dahlia's critique: Excellent 9 months old junior bitch who's matured very well for her age. Beautiful head & expression. Well angulated frond & back. Very good fore chest & very deep. Very nice tailset. Presented very well.

- 7.5.2011 Tampere Int, judge Gabriela Veiga, Portugal -

Lilian (Groomline's Most Delicious Godiva) was shown in Tampere international show which was also her first show in Finland. Lilian Showed herself very well and we were pleased with her critique. As long as her coat grows a bit more she will be shown again. There were 47 bichon frises shown in Tampere.

Lilian's critique: Nice young bitch. Nice head &expression. Dark eyes, nose & general pigment. Good neck & topline. Would like a little higher tailset. Good deep chest. Correct angulations. Good coat & movements.

- 17.4.2011 Nutro Puppy Show, Helsinki Fair Centre, judge Pirjo Hjelm, Finland -

Our newcomer Dahlia (Of Stonegarth Black Dahlia) who turned 6 months old in April was shown in Helsinki fair centre puppy show. There were 4 scottie puppies shown. We had earlier got acquainted to different noises and fuss at Tampere railway and bus station with our competitor Odessa so we left confidently to the show. We were very pleased with the result as Dahlia was BOB puppy.

Dahlia's critique: Well-proportioned. Long feminine head. Good bite, eyes. Well set ears. Good neck and topline. Well developed front for her age, also body. Muscular rear. Likes to stand a little hind legs under the body. Movement ok. Good coat. Happy and lively performance.

- 8.1.2011 Tarto, judge Per Kr. Andersen, Norway -

Rene (Excentrik Popstar de Champernoune) was shown in Tarto all breed show. There were altogether 11 scotties shown. Rene made very nice performance and we were pleased on judge's critique and Rene's placement in this high quality class (3rd best male). EXC, Intermediate 1, 3rd best male

Rene's critique: Very good type, a bit light in head, good bite and ears, strong neck which could be longer, lenghty back. Good tailset, well set shoulder, well angulated, good body. Good mover, good coat. Nice temperament.

- 8.1.2011 Tarto, judge Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden & 9.1.2011 Vaimastvere, judge Brigita Vitolina, Latvia -

We started show season 2011 in Estonia. Bichon Frise Lilian (Groomline’s Most Delicious Godiva) got junior CC in Tarto (all breed show) and Vaimastvere (group specialty) and was also BOB junior in both shows. In Tarto Lilian was also 2nd best bitch. After some difficulties it seems that Lilian is growing to be a very nice dog. She shows herself with a happy temperament. After her coat has grown a bit longer we can continue competing in intermediate class.

Lilian's critiques:

8.1.2011 Nina Karlsdotter
Nice head, good proportions and very good eyes and pigment, little bit short in neck. Good topline and tail, well mature body and a little bit too fat. Good bone and angulations, moves well. Good coat quality, colour OK.

9.1.2011 Brigitta Vitolina
Rotutyypillinen. Rodunomainen korkeus ja koko, rotutyypillinen pää. Tummat isot silmät, rodunomainen pigmentti. Hyvä kulmaukset. Hyvä ylälinja. Rotutyypillinen rakenne. Raajoissa ei huomautettavaa.

- 4.9.2010 Tampere group specialty, judge Otto Krcal, Austria -

There were 14 scotties shown in Tampere group specialty. Rene (Excentrik Popstar de Champernoune) has grown so much and he was shown already in intermediate class which he also won. He moved well despite long grass on the show ground. Luckily the rain didn't bother us like the day before so we had a chance to spend very nice day with all those scotties, their breeders and owners. We were also pleased with the critique. Exc, Intermediate 1

Critique: 14 Monate, korr. Grösse, schöne Farbe, maskulinen Kopf, super Rückenlinie und Hinten sitz, gute Front, guten Hinterwinkl. freie Bewegung, super Haarqualität.

- 16.5.2010 Mynämäki, judge Ingrid Borchorst, Denmark -

We were training with Rene (Excentrik Popstar de Champernoune) first in Black & White Show 13.5.2010, where judge Juha Palosaari placed Rene BOS scottie junior. The day was very succesful and Rene got many new admirers because of his lovely temperament. Meeting other scottie girls was also someting new and amazing for Rene.

We had a little break and then went to show in Mynämäki. There were 3 scotties shown. It was somewhat exciting to see how would I handle this 11 month old enthusiastic junior in my hands but everything went really well. Rene got his first CC at under one year of age! Thank you also to Leena-Riitta, practice makes perfect!

Rene's critique: Maskuline dog of good size. Long king head. Good expression and correct mouth. Good neck and shoulder. Still needs more fore chest. Good big body. Well set tail. Strong hint quaters. Excellent coat condition. Moves and shows well. EXC, JUN1, 2nd best male, CC

- 15.5.2010 Mynämäki, judge Marit Sunde, Norway -

We took part to all breed show with Bea on a sunny and warm Saturday. 25 bichons were entered. Judge Marit Sunde was strict and only one intermediate and open class bitch besides champion class bitches were awarded with excellent. So having excellent today was like getting the CC as it really was because CC and res-CC went to those bitches who were awarded with excellent. We were satisfied though as Bea was happy and showed herself very well despite the hot weather.

Bea's critique: 1½ år. Bra typ o storlek. Feminet huvud o uttryck. Tillräcklig bredd i under käke. Kunde haft en aning större ögon. Bra vinklad fram o bak. God krop. Typiska rörelser. Bra temperament. VG, Intermediate3

- 17.4.2010 Sillamäe national show Estonia, judge Anne Sume -

Piiparinen (Begbie Brilliant Echo) surprised us and took his first CC at Sillamäe all breed national show. There were five scotties shown. Very well done Piippa and Miia!

Piiparinen's critique: Maskuliin, tugev, veidi kõrgejalgne, pikk, maskuliin pea, õige hambumine, piisava pikkusega kael, tugev selg, hea asetusega saba, head nurgad taga, karvkate ei ole täna parimas seisukorras. EXC, 2nd best male, CC

- 23.1.2010 Turku int, judge Tino Pehar, Croatia -

Usually I enter a first timer in a smaller group specialty but this time we made made an exception with Bea and started in this big international show as I knew Bea is a good mover. Bea showed very well and she got EXC (excellent) in junior class. Thank you Saara for training with Bea!

Bea's critique: Good proportions. Correct head and expression. Good body structure. Good angulations. Good movement, but a little bit wide.

- 26.7.2009 Eukanuba Helsinki, judge Doris Cozart, USA -

Freddie (Begbie Dear Fellow) has improved his placements in every show and now he was even placed 4th best male. Well done Freddie and Marjut and all other supporters. Thank you also to Pertti Kononow for Freddie's trim!

Freddie's critique: Moves gayly, slightly long loin, wou pre sli shorter back (=would prefer slightly shorter back?). Good front assemble, well angulated rear, excellent coat texture, good pigment, correct dark eye, good muscle tone. EXC (Excellent), 4th best male.

- 4.7.2009 Tuusula Summer Show, judge Marja Talvitie -
- 5.7.2009 Hyvinkää, judge Markku Kipinä -

Freddie (Begbie Dear Fellow) was shown first time and the critiques were very encouraging. The only thing the judges actually wanted was some more ring experience. Thank you Marjut for training Freddie and Eeva for trimming him!

4.7.2009, judge Marja Talvitie (39 Bichons entered): Lanneosaltaan pitkä. Oikea pään malli ja hyvä pigmentti. Hyvä kaula, ylälinja ja häntä. Hieman niukasti kulmautuneet eturaajat. Hyvä takaosa. Oikea karvan laatu. Tarvitsee vain kehätottumusta. Jun/G (Good)

5.7.2009, judge Markku Kipinä (40 Bichons entered): Hyvä koko & mittasuhteet, tasapainoisesti kulmautunut mutta hieman etuasentoinen lapa, eturinta voisi olla täyteläisempi. Hyvä häntä, hyvät pään mittasuhteet, hyvä kallo, silmät, pää, purenta, naamakarvat voisivat olla puhtaammat. Koira liikkuu hyvällä pitkällä sivuaskeleella hetkittäin, vaikeuksia pitää askelrytmi. Jun/VG (Very Good)

- 4.6.2009 Väinö on advertisement -

Väinö was asked as model to a dog food ad and here's the result (http://www.kennelpakaste.net/index.html). Väinö ran approximately twenty times across the room towards camera but luckily Väinö loves to be on the move. Staying still would have been much harder. He enjoyed as he got lots of delicacies.

- 31.5.2009 Mänttä, judge Päivi Eerola (12 scotties entered) -

Piiparinen (Begbie Brilliant Echo) showed himself very well despite the hot weather and burning show ground. Thank you Miia for training Piiparinen in match shows in Estonia and Finland and Kerttu for trimming Piippa's coat! Keep on training also that agility...

Piippa's critique: Vielä ilmava uros. Takaluisu kaula. Kevyet liikkeet. Takaosa saisi olla voimakkaampi. Erinomainen karvanlaatu. Reipas esiintyminen. VG, Intermediate/2

Kiki (Begbie Back to Black) was shown first time today and she did very well like her brother though she does not have more show experience than one match show (she was 2nd in her group in that match show). we are pleased and shall wait her to mature and develop more.

Kiki's critique: Vielä hyvin pentumainen juniorinarttu. Hyvä rungon pituus, narttumainen pää. Kookkaat silmät. Rintakehä tarvitsee vielä aikaa. Kevyet liikkeet. Reipas esiintyminen. Hyvä karvan laatu. VG, JUN/3


30.5.2009 Helsinki group show, judge Colin A. Smith, Finland (7 scotties entered) -

Piki (Begbie Barney Google) was shown first time and got a nice critique. As long as Piki has little bit more patience what comes on moving he will do just fine. Well done Pirjo and Piki! And thank you Reijo again for Piki's nice trim.

Piki's critique: Top size dog. General proportions correct. Needs to drop body still. Very good coat quality. Strong head piece. Bite Ok. Well set ears. Bite correct. Tail set on ok. Spoils himself moving. Tries to run too much. VG1 (Very good)

- 9.11.2008, Tarto int, judge Stefan Sinko, Slovenia -

Piiparinen (Begbie Brilliant Echo) 10 months, got very nice critique in Tarto international show. 10 scotties were shown there. Piiparinen's critique: Good head type, correct bite, quite good body proportions, a bit short neck, quite good in front, moves good. JUN-EXC/2 BM-4

Well done Piippa and Miia, keep up the good work! Thank you Kerttu Rahe for trimming Piiparinen!

- 24.8.2008 Valkeakoski, judge Zeljko Gajic Slovenia -

Tyyne (Begbie Colden Million) was shown in her second official show and the result was much better this time. Tyyne was still a bit nervous but she has improved a lot. She walked very well this time, thanks to her owner Marjo!

Tyyne's critique: 18 months old. Very nice head and expression. Correct eye shape and ear set. Well developed chest. Nice topline. Correct tail set. Good front and rear angulation. Very good quantity of the coat. Moves well. EXC (Excellent).

- 17.8.2008 Tallinn int, judge Heidi Kirschbichler, Austria -

Voittajien on helppo hymyillä.
Väsyneitä mutta onnellisia.

We spent the afternoon waiting for the Bichon Frises' turn and we started to panic as the judging seemed to be late over an hour. We thought we might not be back in time on our ship if we had to wait much longer. Luckily the judge took Bichons earlier as Eeva went to tell about our situation to a ring secretary. And so we had fabulous results: Armi (Sempre Libera Hands Free) was BOB, Buddy (Sempre Libera Le Petit Prince) BOS, both got CC and Cacib.

Our first journey abroad was successful. Only thing we were a little sad about was that Armi couldn't stay to group finals. But maybe there will be a new chance some day...

- 17.8.2008 Tallinn int, judge Nemanja Jovanovic, Serbia -

© Olga Kozlova

Väinö (Melkiy Bes Rahat Lukum) left to Tallinn int show with Bichons as both breeds were judged on the same day. There were 11 scotties and we knew the competition would be hard as scotties have very high quality level in Estonia. Kristiina Krall from Hocline's kennel told us that you should always go to the ring as a winners! And so we did with Väinö and with wonderful results: 2nd best male with CC and and Res-Cacib which will be confirmed as Cacib as best male is already int ch.

Thank you for a nice morning to all our old and new friends in Tallinn! Congratulations to winners: BOB and BIG4 was bitch Hocline's Now I'ts My Turn and BOS Raglan Rufus. Hocline's Rhiannon was Best In Show Puppy.

- 27.7.2008 Pori Int, judge Pedro Sanches Delerue, Portugal -

It's always such a pleasure to enter show ring with Väinö, he really enjoys showing. Väinö moved well on the grass ground and everything else went well too, but his coat wasn't at his best because of the trimmer (me).

Väinö's critique: Excellent type. Correct head. Good neck and topline. A bit close in front, correct behind. Sound movement. Typical coat, which could be in better condition.
EXC, 2nd best male, Res-CACIB

BOS was Serein Mackerelcloud and BOB Quaint Louisa May. Congratulations to winners!

- 15.5.2008 -

© Salme Mujunen

Some of Armi (Sempre Libera Hands Free) and her puppies' Cindy and Casper (Begbie Cute Thing and Club Millionair) pictures were shown in Finnish Kennel Club's magazine Koiramme among an article about bichon frises. Cindy and Casper are 10 months in these pictures which are taken by Salme Mujunen. The pictures can be found on pages 5, 37, 38, 40, 41, 43 and 44.

Thank you Salme Mujunen for such wonderful pictures and Marjo Terho for your help!

- 13.4.2008 Kankaanpää -

Tyyne at 8 weeks of age

Armi's girl Begbie Colden Million "Tyyne" was shown in her first official show in Kankaanpää group show. The judge was Kitty Sjong from Denmark. There were 10 bitches shown in junior class. Tyyne got a little scared as she had to go first in line and so many dogs were behind her. Luckily Tyyne walked when it was time to evaluate her moving alone. She got quite nice critique:

Feminine head, good bite, acceptable pigmentation, well placed ears and eyes, good neck and topline, well set tail but not carried correct, enough body, good bones and feet, movement could be stronger, good coat and color, temperament could be more free. G (Good).

- 15.3.2008 Tampere Int -

Armi's girl Begbie Cute Thing "Cindy" debuted in Tampere international show. The judge was Richard Beauchamp from USA. There were 15 entries in junior class. Cindy showed very well but she needs a little more training standing still.

Cindy's critique: Excellent coat of good texture. Good pigment, dark eye. Would like eyes a bit wider. Good muzzle to scull propotions. Needs to come up a bit shows good dramas. VG (Very Good).

- 27.10.2007 -

© Maria Paananen

Armi BOS CACIB CC FIN CH in Lahti INT show

Lahti international show turned out to be even better we had hoped for. We went there to hunt the third and last CC to gain finnish championship title. Judge Tuula Plathan's choice for best bitch was our Armi so thereby we got the needed CC and also Cacib as Armi was also BOS. It was a fabulous day, thank you judge Tuula Plathan!