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FI EE CH Groomlines Most Delicious Godiva "Lilian"

born 12.7.2009
breeder Jennifer Schmidt

GB CH AM CH Manoir's Shot In The Dark X C.I.B. DK CH SE CH NordW-07 SEW-06 Azurs Care Bear

Our new Bichon frise bitch was brought in september 2009 from Sweden Groomlines kennel, where was a litter of 3 bitches and 2 males. Thank you Jennifer for this beautiful bitch. She was named after Swedish princess Lilian. Lilian has got a strong pigmentation and a beautiful expression. Lilian is not so solidary member in herd and sometimes it feels she acts like a Swedish princess. Lilian has got a strong will to please so she's quick and intelligent learner.

FI EE MVA BALTW-12 Begbie Felix Fortunate

born 22.2.2011

Primadoro Creative Mind X Begbie Evergreen

Owner Saara Rajala

My co-owned bitch Begbie Evergreen "Bea" gave birth to two boys but the other one lived only three days. Fortunately Felix stayed with us and so he was named as Felix Fortunate. As the only puppy Felix got lots of human contacts. When someone came to visit us he was already on their laps. Felix turned out to be very open and confident bichon. It is easy to live and travel with him in shows.

Thank you Saara for trusting Felix to shows and taking such a good care of his coat!

Begbie Evergreen "Bea"

born 27.11.2008

Sempre Libera Le Petit Prince X Begbie Colden Million

co-owned with Saara Rajala

Bea pictured at 1 year of age on the left and 1,5 years old on summer 2010.
Thank you Saara for taking good care of Bea!

In Memoriam

© Salme Mujunen

FIN EE CH Sempre Libera Hands Free "Armi"

born 22.2.2005 - 24.11.2014
breeder Eeva Simola

FIN CH Jitterbop Hands Up X FIN CH Sempre Libera Or Nothing

Armi was shown quite rarely but she was often placed among four best bitches. After having her first litter Armi soon finished her championship title. She got her first cc in Tervakoski INT show where Bichon Frises were judged by internationally well known all rounder judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. Armi got her second cc just one week later from the german judge Martha Heine.

Armi finished her title 27.10.2007 in Lahti international show, where about 50 bichons were shown. The judge was famous Tibetanterrier breeder Tuula Plathan and she also gave Armi her first Cacib with BOS. It was really encouraging to hear her say about Armi: "We shall hear again about this bitch".

You left us many lovely memories. You were a friend on many journeys and warmed our feet during cold winter nights. We tried our best to take care of you but finally diabetes took your strenght. Rest in peace Armi.

Begbie Colden Million "Tyyne"

19.12.2006 - 19.3.2018

MULTI CH Jitterbop MIilion Bucks X FIN CH Sempre Libera Hands Free

eyes ok, knees 0/0

co-owned with Marjo and Olli Terho

Tyyne has got a Bichon Frise friend at her home, "Elli" Begbie Addicted to You. Thank you Marjo for your interest in Match Shows with Elli and Tyyne and thank you for taking such a good care of their coats!


Tyyne showed her true temperament 9.9.2007 in Tampere show in puppyclass as she refused to walk in the ring. Austrian judge Susanne Kuratko gave her good critique though.
"8 Monate alte Hündin, Haarkleid dem Altern entsprechend, Schönes, die Schönen dunklen Augen und Pigment, temperamentvolles Wesen, Gangwerk dem Altern entsprechend".

Kankaanpää 13.4.2008, judge Kitty Sjong, Denmark: G
Feminine head, good bite, acceptable pigmentation, well placed ears and eyes, good neck and topline, well set tail but not carried correct, enough body, good bones and feet, movement could be stronger, good coat and color, temperament could be more free. G (Good).

Valkeakoski 24.8.2008, judge Zeljko Gajic, Slovenia: EXC
18 months old. Very nice head and expression. Correct eye shape and ear set. Well developed chest. Nice topline. Correct tail set. Good front and rear angulation. Very good quantity of the coat. Moves well. EXC (Excellent).

Agathafatima "Pipsa"

born 29.9.2002 - 14.9.2015
breeder Unto Huhtala

Sempre Libera One Night Stand X Sweet'n Rosy Betti

eyes ok, knees 0/0

owner Pirjo Kansanaho


Piikkiö 12.6.2005, judge Opara Krystyna, Poland: EXC
Helsinki 28.8.2005, judge Paquette Wendy, Canada: EXC

Carmenelectra "Ilona"

29.9.2002 - 8.5.2014
breeder Unto Huhtala

Sempre Libera One Night Stand X Sweet'n Rosy Betti

eyes ok, knees 0/0

co-owned with Pirjo and Kai Raiski


Kerava puppy show 6.4.2003, judge Tuula Plathan: Puppyclass 5-7 months HP/2nd best bitch
Helsinki 25.5.2003, judge Zidy Munsterhielm-Ehnberg: Puppyclass 7-9 months 2nd best bitch
Tampere INT 20.3.2004, judge Terry Nethercott, UK: Intermediate EXC
Vaasa 17.4.2004, judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari: Intermediate VG

Mimmi loved everybody, especially children.

Sweet'n Rosy Betti "Mimmi"

17.12.1996 - 19.8.2008
breeder Elsa Suutari

Nesar Rambo X Sweet'n Rosy Bambina

eyes ok, knees 0/0

"Mimmi" officially SWEET'N ROSY BETTI is our first Bichon Frisé. It was actually my husband's idea to get a dog who would take us for a walk every day. Mimmi is sturdy old type Bichon Frise who is more stubborn than any terrier and she still likes to be the boss on her older days. When Mimmi was a puppy she was like an overactive child and when she grew up she was still very active so this made her a very good jogging companion. Mimmi was the one who gave me the spark what comes on breeding. Her daughters (Ilona, Pipsa and Sohvi) turned out to be even better than their mother by their temperament and quality. Mimmi is pictured here at 10 years of age.