Bichons || Bichon's coat care

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It is important that the puppy will get aquianted on coat care. That's why it would be good to comb puppy's coat trough every day. Feet, cheeks and back of ears require special attention as these places get tangled easily. Before bathing the coat should be competely free of tangles because matted coat will be almost impossible to get straight anymore. Use slicker brush and comb when removing tangles.

The dog should be washed every two or three weeks. The shampoo should be designed for Bichon Frise's coat (for example All Systems Super-Cleaning and Conditioning). If the coat gets tangled easily you can also use conditioner (for example Kelco Cherry Conditioner). Good quality conditioner will help taking care of the coat.
After bathing and towel drying the coat is dryed with a blow dryer. Main thing is to get the coat straight and dry as possible. This is probably the hardest stage of bathing if you don't own a powerful blow dryer. When the coat is dryed thorough it will stay free of tangles longer.
Begin drying from the rear. Brush and comb coat between drying.
It's a big help especially with a puppy if you have a friend helping. Then one can keep the dog on the table and other will dry and brush the coat. But you can do this alone, too. Just make sure that the puppy is being dryed in a place where he can't fall down, for example on a corner of a kitchen workbench.
When the coat is completely dry it is time to start the trimming. The dog should stand still on a non-slide base (for example a rubber mat). A one-year-old Bichon Frise should be able to stay still when he is being trimmed. Bichon Frise is trimmed approximately every 7 or 8 weeks.
The puppy should also get aquianted on klipping the hair around paws and removing hair inside the ears, either with fingers or tweezers. It is important that you can also hold on to his muzzle so that the hair between and above eyes can be trimmed correctly.